Our team brings decades of integrated strategic marketing, the power of scalable services & apps and maximum revenues for clients.




(n.) a results driven full service marketing agency professional; a genius who gets you FOUND (not not found) online by your target audience at a 4:1 MROI while lowering your paid costs and boosting immutable organic & digital brand equity over the lifetime of your business


A little bit more about us…


At 404Geeks, we know what it takes to get noticed by today’s consumer. We’ve combined our collective experience in marketing, digital technology, small businesses, high growth start ups, advertising, sales, consulting and graphic design to construct a single stop digital footprint amplification solution that deploys tools utilized by big brands packaged for small business.

Portfolio of Profits

We are a leading internet marketing agency based out of the Salesforce Tower in downtown San Francisco. We have one simple mission. Guide our clients to constantly break peak profits.

Specialized Team

Going above and beyond we’ve developed a specialized team of SEO experts, Web Developers, Social Media Strategists, Lead Generating Professionals & Conversion Optimization specialists.

Results: Day One

Our specialized team employs a full agency spectrum of scaled services and apps which allows us to have constant success where other cookie cutter companies have failed. We build our Pride on transparency with our clients & getting results. Unlike most companies we guarantee results which you can see from day one.

Aligned Partnerships

At 404Geeks, we are able to match any budget to provide verifiable resources through an interface that is fully transparent to our clients. We offer large agency style resources in a boutique package, leveling the playing field so you can make it big, while staying small.


Above Average Results


Average eCPL


Average MROI


Average Online Equity

Meet the Team

J Peter DeRuiter

J Peter DeRuiter

Chief Strategist, Co-Founder & CEO

10+ years in US national digital agencies, international private client and freelance work with a Masters in Online Marketing, BFA in Fine Art/Digital Media, Google Certifications, Neuromarketing Training and over 100M managed of client assets in SEO/M Strategies. Together, with you, Peter strategically envisions and achieves your goals through a full spectrum analysis and tactical implementation of quantified online platform technologies – creating scalable conversion generation models and digital equity management systems that grow with you.


Chris Pruitt

Chris Pruitt

Executive Strategist, Co-Founder & COO

A talented and creative leader, Chris is known among her colleagues for how good her organizing and team leading skills are… Working priorly for a number of US digital marketing companies like Web.com and GoDaddy,  Chris has built up a reputation and a skill set worthy of an executive manager. Her constant focus at work is on operational efficiencies and client budget alignments within scaled services and applications that meet KPIs and our clients’ strategic visions.

Viren Desai

Viren Desai

Managing Partner & CFO

As our Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Verin  provides both operational and programmatic support to the 404Geeks. Verin supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization and directly assists our executive team with a special focus on operational efficiencies with Chris Pruitt (COO) on all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing the future of our clients.

Latham Floyd

Latham Floyd

Sr. Executive Creative Director

Originally from Germany, at one point of his sophomore college year, Latham decided to turn the tables for his career and travel to the US, to try and get an MFA degree… Eventually, he succeeded in that, becoming one of the most respected creative directors in his field of work. His 22+ years long experience of work in miscellaneous agencies allows him the creative freedom to explore innovative client brand & communications ID packages.


In working with Peter (404 Geeks, Chief Strategist) … I was able to see firsthand the high level of knowledge in Internet marketing and professionalism that Peter brings to a team. Peter is able to draw from his experience and expertise to troubleshoot project SEO/M challenges in order to bring real solutions to communicating brands and to online information architecture which always increased client rankings remarkably. These traits make him an elite digital strategist and true professional.
Lenny Bugey

CEO, Oahu Interactive

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